At the cutting edge of DSL technology, BURST can achieve download speeds of up to 20 Mb/s, while providing uploads speeds at 2.6 Mb/s. The BURST product is suitable for enterprise-grade services and superior to other DSL-based services. BURST is a refinement of the ADSL2 standard, which is used to power Fluidata’s ADSLvox product and increases speed substantially while improving on overall uptime.


Fluidata was the first provider in the UK to roll out a fully-managed business service, not only with the super-fast download speeds but also the unique 2.6 Mb/s upload capacity. Additionally, Fluidata is able to aggregate multiple lines together using the unique PureFluid platform. As your needs grow in the future, Fluidata can scale up BURST, even combining it with different technologies, such as SDSL, to provide increased levels of resilience and upload speed. Services such as Quality of Service (QoS) ensure that you can use the line for your critical applications such as voice without suffering from packet loss and lack of bandwidth.


BURST Advance is a further product development, offering customers instant and seamless failover should the BURST service fail for whatever reason giving a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The service takes advantage of Fluidata’s VOX 0.8 product to provide 0.8 Mb/s up and down in emergency over the same public IP address range. This means in the event of a failure on the BURST service no manual intervention or reconfiguration is required by the client. The service is so quick in failing over between the two lines that even VPN tunnels stay open or a VoIP call can continue during a failure. BURST Advance provides a truly resilient and reliable service utilising cost-effective DSL technologies.

5:1 contention RIPE static IPv4 and IPv6
99.9% SLA 3 month initial contract
Nationwide availability Line installation option
24/7 support Quality of Service
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How fast is BURST?

Speeds vary depending on two key factors. Distance from the exchange and the quality of the copper at a client’s site. Fluidata’s Account Managers will give a good estimate as to what is possible.

Is the upload real?

Fluidata was the first provider in the UK to successfully deploy Annex-M variant of ADSL2+ which enables BURST to have an upload of up to 2.6 Mb/s. Other networks are still catching up.

How long to install?

If you already have a phone we can activate service in a week otherwise it will take a couple more to install a line.