Making the most of the latest VDSL technology, PULSE offers business unparalleled speeds on one single line for significantly less cost than fibre technology. Designed specifically with businesses in mind this service offers not only high downloads but significantly faster uploads. Services such as Quality of Service (QoS) ensure that you can use the line for your critical applications such as voice without suffering from packet loss and lack of bandwidth.


Available as part of BT’s fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) rollout, PULSE is designed to focus on business needs in delivering a fast, reliable service. With up to 80 Mb/s download available and 20 Mb/s upload this is the fastest version of a single DSL line in the country and perfect for a business looking for leased line speeds for less.

5:1 contention RIPE static IPv4 and IPv6
99.9% SLA 12 month initial contract
up to 80 Mb/s down up to 20 Mb/s up
Wires-only or fully managed BT Enhanced Care
24/7 support Quality of Service

How is contention guaranteed?

Fluidata is very careful not to contend or restrict traffic coming into the network from BT. This coupled with a resilient, uncontended core ensures a low reliable contention ratio.

Where can PULSE be deployed?

PULSE is available in new street cabinets being installed across the country. As not all cabinets are being upgraded please speak to an Account Manager for your specific location.

How long to install?

As PULSE uses a dedicated line it has to be installed by an engineer. Usual install times are completed between 2 - 3 weeks across the country.