PureFluid takes leased lines to the next level. PureFluid can be tailor-made to your requirements and is the alternative to a costly EAD or fibre leased line, giving your company a highly robust and reliable internet or point-to-point connection. However, this is not simply a leased line replacement.


PureFluid is the ultimate solution for connectivity uptime and resilience. PureFluid is a technology which enables your business to blend together multiple connections from Fluidata. Individual DSL connections are aggregated using a specially developed Cisco platform, with our unique technology carrying out advanced packet distribution across the connectivity lines at the IP level. The result is a single aggregated connection delivered to your network as a large pipe.


The PureFluid service is presented to your network via a single Ethernet connection with a single static IP block applied to the complete service. This allows for seamless fail-over; if one of the composite circuits develops a fault your IP routing remains unaffected as PureFluid continues using the working circuits.


PureFluid differs from load-balanced or bonded services available from many other ISPs because the aggregated connection is delivered as a single data stream. The PureFluid solution not only provides extra bandwidth but true redundancy utilising Fluidata’s PULSE, SDSL, BURST or ADSLvox lines or a mixture of two.

* this figure is governed on the types of products used within the PureFluid solution and is subject to change depending on what services are aggregated together.

1:1 contention RIPE static IPv4 and IPv6
99.99% SLA 12 month initial contract
Uptime monitoring SMS and email alerts
up to 200 Mb/s down up to 60 Mb/s up
BT Enhanced Care Fully managed

What about a load balancer?

A load balancer just takes two independent lines and uses either for outgoing or incoming traffic. However each line has it’s own IP address which means you don’t get the combined throughput of the bandwidth, and it is hard to track IP routing for VPNs, email and web servers.

Why is PureFluid different?

The service is unique to Fluidata as it relies on our core network to be designed in such a way that it allows the ability to not only bond different carrier but also different technologies at the same time.

How much is setup?

Not as much as you think especially when we are using expensive Cisco equipment end to end. However we lease the hardware as part of the contract to lower the cost and reduce your setup cost.