New RID process from Ofcom

Many months ago Ofcom announced changes to the process internet service providers use to transfer DSL & other session initiating services from one supplier to another. This article is the old process, the new process & the impact on the industry & consumer both processes have.

Currently, service providers follow the well-known MAC process. A process that (in short), gives a...

17 · JUN ·20150

Wings for Life World Run 2015

This bank weekend holds a very exciting event for some Fluidata team members. This Sunday, Wings for Life – with their silent lead please partner Red Bull - holds the Wings for Life World Run. The event is a global running and wheelchair event taking place in over 35 locations simultaneously around the world.

While the UK course is over 100kms...

30 · APR ·20150

Supporting Partners; Tancroft’s new SIP offering

Today we attended the launch of a Fluidata partner, Tancroft’s new SIP offering. The new platform has been vigorously tried and tested on a global scale. The new platform is extremely flexible & certainly doesn't lack in functionality.

Fluidata & Tancroft are well aligned in terms of ethos, reach & ability. Regularly working together to deliver value through to...

24 · APR ·20150

Google to the Fibre rescue

In Austin, Texas the perception is ‘When Google comes to town, it's bad news for its rivals but good news for consumers.’

The search engine giant aims to shake up the rural Internet providing monopolies that are often the sole providers in one area – much like the UK. The announcement of Google Fibre in Austin has inspired other American providers...

24 · APR ·20150

The Hot Political Topic; the Internet

The election is just around the corner, we ask why aren’t the competing parties putting enough emphasis on the UK’s superfast infrastructure when we are so far behind the rest of Europe?

The UK is sitting at the very top of the economic, military & democratic food chain, but for all our successes we sit 25th in Europe...

17 · APR ·20150

High speed Internet access in Hammersmith and Fulham

Fluidata in collaboration with a trusted partner, integrated the unique Hammersmith and Fulham network into our Service Exchange Platform last year. The next generation infrastructure is pioneering a new project to re-use exiting fibre ducts in the Hammersmith and Fulham area providing business’s in the borough with cost effective high speed Internet access. Hammersmith and Fulham has become the first...

10 · APR ·20150

Are minorities more likely to feel the Digital Divide?

When it comes to the global digital divide it’s an unfortunate fact that developing countries suffer more than developed countries, however as Fluidata has pointed out in previous blog posts even here in the UK – a “developed” country – there is a huge digital divide. To make matters worse, there are certain demographic groups within the...

1 · APR ·20150

How did technology feature in the Budget 2015?

With the General Election just weeks away, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne had to impress in what could potentially be his last Budget announcement. During his speech he made a number of promises to do with tax, benefits, pensions and more, however here at Fluidata we were also interested in his thoughts on how technology will play a...

26 · MAR ·20150

Are Bigger ISPs always Better?

Most people would be forgiven for thinking that large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best service in terms of consumer products as they have spent years in the market, growing at a rapid pace. However, a recent survey conducted by the consumer rights body Which? has revealed that some of the most well-known ISPs in the UK are actually...

24 · MAR ·20150

Investment by Rigby Group plc

Today Fluidata has announced the investment in its business by Rigby Group plc. Rigby Group is the parent company for a portfolio of privately owned and highly successful businesses operating across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The £2 billion business, owned by Sir Peter Rigby, has interests in the technology, airports, hotels, real estate, financial and aviation sectors. Among Rigby Group...

23 · MAR ·20150


For those in the telecoms industry IPv6 has been around for a significant amount of time but it has only made headlines last year as its predecessor, IPv4, started to run dry. The 8th June 2011 marked IPv6 day when multinationals such as Facebook and Google looked to run both IPv4 and IPv6 side by side in an attempt to...

18 · MAR ·20150

UK wants more from Internet Service Providers

With the world becoming increasingly connected it is no surprise that both individuals and businesses are wanting more from their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In order to keep up with their competitors SMEs are required to update their connectivity solutions on a regular basis, however this is not always possible due to lack of available infrastructure or high-speed Internet...

11 · MAR ·20151