Previously on The Walking Dead

My girlfriend brought home a new DVD last week and naturally I was somewhat disgusted. What was she thinking?

“Have we gone back in time?” I shouted: ‘Are McFly still famous?’ I bellowed.

Well we hadn’t and they weren’t. Thank god for that. So what was really at play here? Perhaps she was a secret hipster deciding to...

20 · FEB ·20170

Network Freeze 2016

Please note that our network freeze will be in place from 4 pm on 16/12/2016 and will last until 10 am on 03/01/2017. During this time, any change requests that involve the FluidOne core network will be postponed until the resumption of normal services on 03/01/2017. This is to ensure existing services are not affected by a lack of resource...

14 · NOV ·20160

Fluidata & One Point combine to create leading edge data connectivity services

Rigby Group has announced that its mobility specialist One Point and data delivery business Fluidata are to combine their services, creating an end-to-end connectivity offering poised to make a significant impact upon a UK marketplace where demand for data services continues to rise at an exponential rate.

As FluidOne, the combined service will provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to a...

13 · OCT ·20160

Fluidata and Sky’s SNS Wholesale partner to bring new Ethernet solution to market

Business communications provider Fluidata and Sky’s newly created SNS Wholesale division announce today that they have signed an agreement to offer a new high capacity Ethernet solution to businesses.

Fluidata and SNS Wholesale will work together to deliver the service to businesses up and down the country. The service will utilise Sky’s nationwide telecoms network and Fluidata’s extensive experience...

15 · SEP ·20160

Inside Tech: Happy 25th birthday father!

It was the internet’s birthday last week and many were quick to come out and praise the impact it has had on the world since its inception back in {INSERT BIRTHDAY}.

For example, if I didn’t have the internet, I wouldn’t be able to track back and look up the internet’s birthday and tell you that it was actually...

30 · AUG ·20160

Fluidata and Metronet (UK) Agree Wholesale Partnership

Fluidata and Metronet (UK) have agreed terms on a partnership that will enable Fluidata to wholesale Metronet (UK)’s Wireless proposition on a layer-2 basis to other UK ISPs and its direct customers. The joint venture puts Fluidata into the upper tier of Metronet (UK)’s partners and positions them as a significant conduit for distributing their services across the UK for...

18 · AUG ·20160

We have a winner!

July saw us launch our brand new e-newsletter. Naturally, it was a massive success and what's more is that we have a winner of our inaugural competition!

Cornelius (European manufacturers and distributors of specialty chemicals, additives and ingredients for the Care, Health & Nutrition and Industrial Products markets) will tonight be experiencing the sweet taste of success after...

18 · AUG ·20160

Inside Tech: The secret meaning of SIP

Pull up a pew and take a seat - this week's Inside Tech tells the story of one man's journey into the deepest and darkest corners of the internet.


So I was tucking into my complimentary bowl of Crunchy Nut yesterday morning when a co-worker asked me if I wanted to take a SIP of her homemade...

10 · AUG ·20161

Why I want to be a techy

We've been lucky this week to have Nicole from Townley Grammar School join us on a week-long placement. She's been hanging out with all the departments but for some strange reason she really loves being around the techies (nerds!).

Here's how she got on:

Technology is embedded into our lives in ways we take for granted. The companies behind...

15 · JUL ·20160

Inside Tech: Goodfederers

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a tennis player. To me, being a tennis player was better than being Marketing Manager. Even before I first wandered into the tennis clubhouse for my after-school job, I knew I wanted to be a part of them. It was there that I knew I belonged. To me,...

8 · JUL ·20160

Six awesome benefits of cloud

As part of Fluidata's summer work experience program, we take on several students each year and let them loose in departments of their choice. Nick, our latest inmate, has kindly put this article together about the benefits of cloud for business during his day with marketing.

6) Flexibility

Cloud computing allows your employees to be more flexible – both in...

27 · JUN ·20160

What have been the top recent developments in connectivity and business IT?

What have been the top developments in connectivity and business IT over the course of the last 10 years? Improved hardware capability, better connectivity, energy saving revolutions, state of the art and secure data centres? Enterprise spending is progressing, moving from the traditional hardware heavy make-up is expected to grow further as more businesses see the potential in cloud computing....

24 · JUN ·20160