How 6 famous mobile brands got their names

Now that you’re here, I should tell you that there is no number 6 (or 5). In future do not click on such click-bait social media introductory lines (if you came via social media, that is). We are serious journalists at FluidOne and will never mislead you into reading such sensationalist drivel. Now that’s over, it’s time to begin the...

28 · APR ·20170

Now You See Me 2: Movie Review

Director: Jon M. Chu
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Daniel Radcliffe

You may recall me musing about my girlfriend bringing me home a copy of The Walking Dead on DVD a couple of weeks ago (with me being understandably outraged). Well, readers, you’re not going to believe what's just happened.

My new...

21 · APR ·20170

FluidOne introduces free activation on BT ADSL2+ & BT FTTC

FluidOne, The Data Delivery Network and leading telecommunications provider, today announced free product activations on BT ADSL2+ and BT FTTC.

The promotion, which runs from now until the end of October, is available on FluidOne’s wholesale platform, offering significant savings of up to £55 per connection. This combined with FluidOne’s simple, competitive wholesale rates on BT DSL products and...

18 · APR ·20170

Prestel: The Ghost of Internet Past

Prestel was internet before internet; Camden before Shoreditch, Twin Peaks before Lost, if you will.

Launched in 1979 by the Post Office (who looked after the phone lines back then), Prestel gave thousands of people a glimpse of their connected futures by offering online shopping, train timetables and internet banking directly through your TV.

Prestel was able to...

5 · APR ·20170

Beginner Quantum Communications

As FluidOne’s resident Scientologist, there’s nothing I love doing more than reading about science. It’s why I spend my weekends sitting alone in my room, reading from a dimly lit monitor and listening to Evanescence, all whilst Mother shouts at me to turn it down and/or to come and celebrate Mother’s Day with her.

Mother’s incessant selfishness aside,...

29 · MAR ·20170

BT and Openreach split

Ofcom and BT have finally reached agreement on the separation of Openreach today. After 2 years of discussions, a decision has been made to legally separate the two companies. They key details are as follows:

- Openreach will operate as a separate entity with its own staff, management and strategy

- ...

14 · MAR ·20170

International Women’s Day: The Women of FluidOne

Wednesday 8th March 2017 is International Women’s Day and to commemorate we asked the women of FluidOne some of the big questions surrounding working in the technology industry.

You can find an infographic featuring some of the key stats here.

When it comes to the technology industry, change rules supreme. In just 12 months we’ve seen...

8 · MAR ·20170

Hosting the Oscars

Bravo! Congratulations to La La Land for winning Best Picture at the 2017 Oscar awards ceremony, it was a wonderful achievement that certainly got the whole world –

Wait, what?

Oh that’s right! They didn’t win! Ha!

Sunday’s Oscars saw one of the biggest gaffes in television history when Faye Dunaway (or just some old lady to...

28 · FEB ·20170

FluidOne named 17th in top 100 Small Companies to Work For

Telecommunications provider FluidOne has finished 17th named in the Sunday Times’ list of the 100 Best Small Companies to Work For. The list measures a number of factors from workplace engagement to employee rewards and benefits; leadership; communication and information sharing. This is the third time in four years that FluidOne has placed in the top 100, having previously finished...

23 · FEB ·20170

Previously on The Walking Dead

My girlfriend brought home a new DVD last week and naturally I was somewhat disgusted. What was she thinking?

“Have we gone back in time?” I shouted: ‘Are McFly still famous?’ I bellowed.

Well we hadn’t and they weren’t. Thank god for that. So what was really at play here? Perhaps she was a secret hipster deciding to...

20 · FEB ·20170

Network Freeze 2016

Please note that our network freeze will be in place from 4 pm on 16/12/2016 and will last until 10 am on 03/01/2017. During this time, any change requests that involve the FluidOne core network will be postponed until the resumption of normal services on 03/01/2017. This is to ensure existing services are not affected by a lack of resource...

14 · NOV ·20160

Fluidata & One Point combine to create leading edge data connectivity services

Rigby Group has announced that its mobility specialist One Point and data delivery business Fluidata are to combine their services, creating an end-to-end connectivity offering poised to make a significant impact upon a UK marketplace where demand for data services continues to rise at an exponential rate.

As FluidOne, the combined service will provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to a...

13 · OCT ·20160