In-store Wi-Fi is essential for competitive retailers

High-speed broadband connectivity may not seem like a vital matter for high street retailers to consider, but those that have excellent connectivity, and who use it well, reap the benefits of using it. In fact, one survey shows that 80% of shoppers cite the ability of free Wi-Fi as influencing where they shop.

Retailers that provide free...

12 · OCT ·20150

How can London compete?

Back in February 2015 the House of Lords committee on digital skills reported that London had one of the lowest average internet connectivity speeds in Europe; having fallen behind cities like Bucharest and Reykjavik. The chair, Baroness Morgan, said: “It's unacceptable that some urban areas still experience 'not-spots', particularly where the lack of internet directly affects the UK’s ability...

9 · OCT ·20150

Take a SIP?

As copper lines are being replaced by other ways to connect to the internet – such as super-fast broadband, 4G mobile and satellite broadband services – VoIP is becoming more popular. When using VoIP, calls are transmitted via the internet, rather than the traditional copper based landlines and telephone exchanges.

Using VoIP, people can download apps to their smartphones...

6 · OCT ·20150

LAN in the Cloud Era

A few years ago, most offices made extensive use of local area networks (LANs). For example, accounting software could be installed on one computer, and used on several others that were connected to the same LAN. Now, that same office has the option of using online accounting software, which stores its financial data in the cloud.

These days, there...

2 · OCT ·20150

Net Neutrality in America

Net neutrality has been a hot topic over the past year, with both American and European authorities making rulings and amending existing regulations to fit the expanded digital world.

The debate centres on the idea that ISPs should give users equal access to content, regardless of how they are charged and the source of the content.


29 · SEP ·20150

The Net Neutrality struggle

The net neutrality debate in the EU Parliament is heating up, with discussion of the need to allow some internet “fast lanes”, specifically for services such as internet TV and “specialised services” (which may relate to Internet of Things developments, such as connected cars).

These new exemptions to the stringent regulations proposed in 2014 are being opposed...

25 · SEP ·20150

Wearables in the workplace

When Trend Micro and Vanson Bourne asked IT decision makers if their businesses were ready for wearables in the workplace, 61 per cent said that their employers already encouraged their employees to wear devices.

Sixty per cent confirmed that they had implemented or planned to introduce, wearable devices in the near future.

Wearable technology can vary...

22 · SEP ·20150

The big Big Data question

The rise of wearable technology, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing feeds into the Big Data revolution. There’s no way to avoid it, there’s a considerable amount of data out there about all of us. But businesses don’t have to use it.

Various studies have shown that Big Data is popular; especially with the financial sector (which

18 · SEP ·20150

Declassified: Bandits conquer Thames Path Challenge

We did it! We really did it. On Saturday 12th September, Fluidata’s own Bandwidth Bandits completed the 50km Thames Path Challenge in aid of the charity Wings for Life.

Beginning at Putney Bridge, the Bandits mustered up the required courage to defeat the very gruelling, albeit very scenic river walk in just over ten hours, averaging out at speeds...

14 · SEP ·20150

We are talking at Transform Digital: Bristol

Later this month, Fluidata’s own Head of Practice Simon Stokes will be attending and talking at Transform Digital: Bristol.

The conference, which is taking place over two days in September, will see a vast array of big-name industry experts cover a range of topics from digital infrastructure for economic development and the growth of the competitive sector through to new...

11 · SEP ·20150

New RID process from Ofcom

Many months ago Ofcom announced changes to the process internet service providers use to transfer DSL & other session initiating services from one supplier to another. This article is the old process, the new process & the impact on the industry & consumer both processes have.

Currently, service providers follow the well-known MAC process. A process that (in short), gives a...

17 · JUN ·20150

Wings for Life World Run 2015

This bank weekend holds a very exciting event for some Fluidata team members. This Sunday, Wings for Life – with their silent lead please partner Red Bull - holds the Wings for Life World Run. The event is a global running and wheelchair event taking place in over 35 locations simultaneously around the world.

While the UK course is over 100kms...

30 · APR ·20150