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Publish: 1st, April, 2014 By: patrickwood

We have recently experienced a significant outage affecting customers with TalkTalk connections. Our engineers are working with TalkTalk to identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Further updates will be available very shortly

Publish: 17th, February, 2014 By: patrickwood

Earlier today our third party WBC provider’s network suffered from a large scale DDOS attack targeting a direct customer of theirs. As a result we saw a large number of sessions drop, causing short outages for customers with WBC supplied products. They have since implemented preventative measures to remove this traffic from their network and have now seen their session count stabilise. Further monitoring will be carried out, but at this point the issues appear to be resolved.

Publish: 5th, February, 2014 By: patrickwood

We are currently experiencing an issue with our DNS servers. Engineers are investigating this as a priority, however at present we have no estimated time for a resolution.

If you are having difficulties loading web pages we advise changing your DNS servers from our own to Google’s public DNS, which is and

Publish: 29th, January, 2014 By: patrickwood

We have recently experienced a large scale Virgin outage that seems to have affected all leased lines through this carrier. Engineers are investigating and an update will be available shortly

Publish: 21st, January, 2014 By: patrickwood

We are currently receiving reports of a traffic related issue occurring on multiple services. Our engineers are investigating the issue and an update will be available in the next 30 minutes.


At present we are unsure whether this is a Fluidata or carrier network issue

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