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Publish: 3rd, December, 2014 By: patrickwood

We have a small number of dsl based services seeing a reduced MTU of 1462 bytes. This is only affecting a small number of our sessions and appears to be localised to the London region. We have reported this to BT Wholesale for further investigation. We will provide an update as soon as we have more information.


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Publish: 1st, December, 2014 By: patrickwood

In order to ensure stability across the network during the holiday period, Fluidata will be initiating a Network Freeze that will start at 18:00 on 16/12/2014 and run until 10:00 on 05/01/2015. As a result there will be no new services or solutions configured on our core network, however we will be supporting faults as normal during this time.

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Publish: 21st, November, 2014 By: patrickwood

In the last few minutes we have witnessed a significant drop in sessions provided by TalkTalk Business. Our engineers are currently in discussions with high level management contacts within TalkTalk in order to identify the cause of the issue. More updates will be made available in the next 30 minutes

Publish: 24th, September, 2014 By: patrickwood

We have witnessed a core network issue this morning that has caused packet loss on selected PWAN and colocation services. Engineers are investigating the fault and an update will be available shortly

Publish: 28th, August, 2014 By: patrickwood

We have recently witnessed a large scale outage affecting a number of BTW DSL services. Engineers are investigating the fault and an update will be available shortly